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Edgar then reunites the country, becoming the third king of a fully united England.

This is the Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon England, when the court rivals, and even exceeds, all of those on the Continent, and receives tribute from all other kingdoms in the British Isles and Ireland.

Viking raiders kill Alphege, archbishop of Canterbury, before being bought off with a huge bribe.

Allied to King Olaf of Norway, thelred fights the Danes in the same year, but his reign is a relative disaster, as he fails to prevent these Danish incursions into the kingdom.

Edgar's unexpected death at the age of thirty-two throws the kingdom into turmoil. Edward is a teenager when he gains the throne, and soon proves himself to be violent, unstable and quick-tempered.

Retainers of Queen lfthryth murder Edward (although this is never conclusively proven, and no one is ever brought to justice).

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This prompts an increasing number of raids on the country by Danish forces (although Viking raids have already resumed with a vengeance since the 990s).His reign sees a major change as local government is reorganised on the basis of shires.The church is also reorganised and coinage is reformed.His successor, Eadric, is murdered by Canute, and another claimant, Alfred, is murdered in 1036.Edmund's son, the rightful atheling (a noble of royal descent), is forced to flee the country, and by 1056 is to be found living in Hungary.

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