Creating and updating life goals

Make sure this is someone who knows you well, who understands you and will support you on your journey to achieving your hopes and ambitions. Think about immediate goals that you would like to achieve in the next year, then think about your personal five and ten year plans.Give yourself a realistic amount of time to achieve what you want.

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You must first set up at least one Event to use Event goals. If your account meets the prerequisites, all you need to do is select Smart Goals from the goal Types list and then give your goal a name. ") Assigning a monetary value to a goal gives you a way to compare conversions and measure changes and improvements to your site or app.Firstly, really think about the reason ‘why’ you are setting a goal. Studies have shown that you are 60% more likely to achieve a set goal if you have declared on paper.Equally, I recommend sharing your list of goals with two or three people close to you.For each step in the funnel, click Add another Step, then enter a page name or an app screen name, as you did in the Destination field.Measure user engagement by treating minimum session duration as a conversion.

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