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Jamie also told us that Katie's former ."I guess some knuckle head person who was here hit us with the phone cam," Jamie said."I guess they are trying to get money for whatever."It's 100 problems now jay, 100 problems," one commenter wrote, while another called Jay Z a "pathetic excuse for a man." But the hatred directed toward the alleged cheating husband is nothing compared to what has been piled on these alleged “side chicks.” It doesn’t help that Jay’s social media presence is next to nil, but it’s a trend we’ve seen before. Dating a married man isn’t the most ethical choice, but at the end of the day, the person who's in the relationship and broke that trust is at fault.

The comments are brutal: “A whore and a whore in training.” “Feel the hate you cow.” "Homewrecking side hoe." Yes, the Beyhive has also attacked Jay Z on various Instagram accounts associated with the rapper (see the collection of lemons and bees on the Instagram account @s_c_official).She is an idea of a woman (maybe white, maybe basic, maybe a little sexual) whose locks underscore the racially tinged hierarchy of sleek vs.kinky hair (which, if you look deeper, implies that "Becky" isn't about one specific person, but rather the historical racism that has affected Black women).Of course, the "other woman" is always present when people are dealing with the pain of infidelity. “It had nothing to do with who the other person was,” one told me.In one particularly poignant section of , Beyoncé asks if her unfaithful husband would want her to “wear her skin over mine. “And everything to do with my ex-boyfriend.” (Note: They are still broken up.) At this point, people tend to agree that “Becky” isn’t necessarily one particular woman, but rather a metaphor for an extramarital affair.

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