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Well, we just added something oh-so-amazing to the existing marble desktop collection and you are going to LOVE it!We have just released several new styled marble desktop stock options featuring hands!Original acrylic paintings are on UV-protected canvas, and original water colors are reproduced on cotton-based papers.Source: World Maritime News August 15th 2016 As the container industry revenues are contracting faster than carriers can cut costs, the shipping consultancy Drewry said that prolonged losses in the container shipping industry are likely to lead to more container merger and acquisition activity or more industry consolidation among carriers.“The difference between 2009 and now is that back then the industry’s cost base was far higher, leading to a collective operating loss in the region of USD 19 billion.Shipping lines are now more cost-effective, but even so the industry will probably lose at least USD 5 billion this year,” according to Drewry.We have a feeling this number has increased a bit since then, which would correspond with Hootsuite’s analytics that say that 1-3 times per day is the average.Creating consistent social media content even once a day is hard for the average business owner who has her hands full running her business!

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Today we have pulled together some images from the SC Stockshop that we think are perfect for Valentine’s Day related promotion!

Whether directing community-based theater productions, or participating in modern dance programming, I found myself enthralled with the fine arts at an early age.

This enthusiasm for the fine arts continued as a young adult, ultimately studying art at the University of Alberta.

It can be extremely challenging to keep up with the demands of a social media calendar and regularly produce . We know that this is a pain point for so many of you business owners.

It doesn’t matter what kind of #bosslady you are; every one of us feels the pressure.

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