Unreliability of carbon dating

Ice loss in a warming world and other scientific evidence of human-induced climate change once faced entrenched skepticism mainly in blogs and biased think tank analyses.Now misrepresentations and dismissals of climate science have become mainstays of well-organized, well-heeled websites that resemble mainstream news media but are less likely to follow journalistic practices that prevent skewed and inaccurate reporting.

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“I think it’s great that these sorts of outlets picked up the story,” he said.As a result, many climate scientists find the broader media landscape becoming a minefield.Climate science skepticism “has become weaponized on a mass scale, when before it was more of a boutique industry,” said Gavin Schmidt, a climate modeler and director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York.Others, however, say that developing a thick skin can make the hostile environment tolerable.Some are using the same modern communication tools deployed by fake news purveyors to counter the influence of those deceptive voices.

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