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“Like nearly all the bribery and corruption cases I’ve worked on, this one was exposed by a tip,” Greene said.During his investigation, he dug deep into NSC’s business and history.And, as he would discover, therein lay one side of the fraud triangle – motivation (or financial pressure) – for the corruption inside NSC.The trouble began when NKK leaders slashed salaries and made other changes at NSC.Second, he said, you have to follow the payoff to its recipient.

And another issue remained unresolved – Greene could find no link between Squires and Dennery Ltd., a Bermuda-based shell company the tipster alleged Squires had set up to hold his bribe income.“If the vendor won’t voluntarily show them, you have to file a civil suit and get a subpoena.But the best way is to insert a ‘right to audit’ clause in all your vendor contracts and purchase orders.” Fortunately, NSC had done so.Acting quickly to get at potential proof of the bribe payments, Greene had contacted Mark Koch, Marbi’s owner, to schedule what he described as a “normal” vendor review.After Koch’s attorney advised him to honor the right-to-audit clause, he agreed to open his books for inspection.

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