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"But she was giving me advice, and explaining how my life might be if I did this: What example would I give my children, what kind of man would accept me with this past, would it make me happy, this money?

Last month, Gracia decided to sell her virginity to pay for her mother's medical treatment and to improve her family's quality of life. [And I felt] the utter hopelessness of wanting to move forward, wanting to study, be someone and you just don't get the opportunity because it's all about money," says Gracia.

In addition to language skills, students will gain practical life experience, increase their independent living skills, and discover the Peruvian culture.

Students’ interactions with locals through daily tasks and responsibilities and extending to their travels, provides consistent opportunities to practice, learn and refine their conversational Spanish in a variety of situations.

Some said her actions were nothing short of prostitution. She says some people admired her ingenuity, saying she was doing more than the teenage girls who lost their virginity in the parks because they wrongly thought they were in love.

Her virginity almost became a question of national pride, with some commentators and chat show hosts accusing her of trying to damage Peru's reputation. "People in Peru are opportunistic and they see everyone else's problems, but never their own," she says.

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