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(In fact, as Nina Proudman she’s cerebral almost to the point of neuroticism. ) After splitting with actor Jay Bowen after 5 years of marriage, Asher’s hooked up with Melbourne-based artist Vincent Vantauzzo, who’s also painted Heath Ledger, Baz Luhrmann, celebrity chef Matt Moran and Brandon Walters from Seriously, the thing is three metres wide. Keddie took dancing lessons in Melbourne for years- that explains why she’s so damn poised, even as befuddled Nina.Did we mention this artist boyfriend of Keddie’s is totes dreamy, too? But she dislocated her knee just before her audition for the Australian Ballet School at age 14, according to . Keddie is auntie to her sister’s two kids- but, at 38, is outspoken about her view that women don’t need kids to be successful.

And again, in this show, Keddie is reunited with Jason from The Secret Life of Us. I think Keddie works with the same actors over and over again. Today I'm going to learn about the actress Asher Keddie. She played the neurotic and adorable obstetrician Nina Proudman. She played Jacinta, a journalist dating someone in the police force. It's a TV movie about a teacher who's kidnapped along with her students. I think that's Keddie at :08—the one in the purple shirt. There's more stuff here in which I can't find good enough information. Lord Wiki says the show was about a criminal family. It looks like the type of show that would scare and depress me. Though I don't see anything about him being related to Rupert Murdoch. After being introduced to Keddie via Offspring, I then watched her on the depressing show Love My Way. When I saw her on the show, I thought it was just going to be a brief one time appearance, but she was actually on several episodes. In 1986, Keddie was in a movie with The Christmas Story boy. It's about an American woman (Linda Evans) who ends up living in Australia. The problem is he dies and leaves her a property plagued with debt. In 1997, Keddie played the 17-year-old version of Karla in the miniseries Simone de Beauvoir's Babies. I think it's pretty much about the different ways we can all tragically die. I think Matthew Le Nevez played the killer; and Keddie is his sister. Here's a scene with Patrick and Nina not being Patrick and Nina. Recently I saw Keddie in the second season of Rush. Keddie appeared as Lisa in three episodes of a TV show called Janus. And Damien de Montemas, who played the object of Keddie's affection in The Secret Life of Us, was also in the film. The murderer in this story is named Bradley John Murdoch. This week I saw Keddie on the second season of The Secret Life of Us. What if my physical appearance is mediocre simply because of my hair color? I know actors don't always play characters that are the same age as them. In 2002, Keddie was in a horror-comedy short called The Thing in the Roof. So I guess that would include the characters on on 21 Jump Street.

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