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Not having been there for many years I was pleasantly surprised.I arrived just as Henry's were completing their sound check.That said I recognised the potential in him and would like to see the band again when he is fitter.Overall it was a good night and I would urge you to make the effort to see them when they are in your vicinity.She told me that whilst still at a tender age, she and her family were gigging as she played her Hammond Organ. She also provides backing vocals and takes two or three numbers as lead vocalist.The leader of the band in centre stage around which the others gather, is Dave Rogers, originally from Birmingham, but now residing Coventry.Annette gave a nice sax solo in Sam Cooke's "Twisting The Night Away." and took to the mike to sing amongst others Robert Palmer's "Bad Case of Loving You." Pete Mawby played lead in "I Saw Her Standing There" which also had some good runs on bass from Dave Hayward The band are well equipped to punch out in true "R & B" style driven by an impressive back line of Steve "Denno" Dennehy on drums and Dave Hayward on bass guitar.Both clearly have a lot of experience as they make their efforts look so easy.

"With every song, you get a different vibration pattern and varying levels of intensity depending both on the beat of the music, and the volume level, i.e.: intensity."The next step is to train the vibrator to respond to tips.

He uses all the voices on his 88 key Roland DR 300 NX piano to provide a range of entertainments including some delightful solos. Dave Rogers, lead vocalists and keyboard player was suffering with a badly sore throat and cold, but he felt he couldn't pull the gig at short notice, particularly as it was only the second time they had played at the Jolly Abbot.

So not wishing to let the pub down and in the spirit of "the show must go on" persevered, despite the pain he must have been in.

Oh Mi Bod's range of vibes and toys have different setups, but for the most part, a sensor is either placed near to the tipping alert sound, or patched right in..

An audience that's hoping to witness an orgasm might increase the frequency of tips or the tip amount in order to escalate the stimulation.

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