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However, Claverhouse's own letters frequently recommended lenient treatment of Covenanters, and in 1684 he married into a prominent Covenanter family.Later, as a general in the Scottish army, Claverhouse remained loyal to King James VII of Scotland after the Revolution of 1688.Contemporary evidence for the fairness of this soubriquet in the Covenanting tradition is mixed.Tales of the Covenanters and Covenanter monuments hold Claverhouse directly responsible for the deaths of adherents of that movement.In 1669 Graham's maternal uncle, David Carnegie, Lord Lour, secured him an appointment as a Commissioner of Excise and Justice of the Peace for Angus.He began his military career in 1672, as a junior Lieutenant in Sir William Lockhart's Scots Regiment.William Graham died in around 1652, and the brothers became the responsibility of their uncles and other relatives.In 1660 they were listed as burgesses of Dundee, probably at the instigation of their paternal uncle George Graham.

This first Jacobite rising was unsuccessful, but Claverhouse became a Jacobite hero, acquiring his second soubriquet "Bonnie Dundee".Claverhouse's own horse was wounded and although it carried him away from the battle later died under him.He later wrote to the Earl of Linlithgow that the Covenanters: "resolved a generall engadgment, and immediately advanced with there foot, the horse folowing: they came throght the lotche ...they recaived our fyr, and advanced to shok: the first they gave us broght down the Coronet Mr Crafford and Captain Bleith, besides that with a pitchfork they made such an opening in my rone horse's belly, that his guts hung out half an elle, and yet he caryed me aff an myl: which so discoraged our men, that they sustained not the shok, but fell into disorder".Joined later by the Duke of Monmouth, the whole of the militia and two regiments of dragoons, both sides met again at the Battle of Bothwell Brig, on 22 June, and the Covenanters were routed.

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