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Nuristani languages are generally regarded as an independent group, as one of the three sub-groups of Indo-Iranian, following the studies of Georg Morgenstierne (1973, 1975).However, sometimes it is classified in the Dardic languages branch of the Indo-Iranian language family, while another theory characterized it as originally Iranian, but greatly influenced by the nearby Dardic languages.The Norwegian Linguist Georg Morgenstierne wrote that Chitral is the area of the greatest linguistic diversity in the world.Although Khowar is the predominant language of Chitral, more than ten other languages are spoken here.

Kashmiri is the most prominent Dardic language, with an established literary tradition and official recognition as one of the national languages of India.

The languages are spoken by tribal peoples in an extremely isolated mountainous region of the Hindukush, one that has never been subject to any real central authority in modern times.

This area is located along the northeastern border of Afghanistan and adjacent portions of the northwest of present-day Pakistan.

There are five Nuristani languages, each spoken in several dialects.

Major dialects include Kata-vari, Kamviri, and Vai-ala. These are influenced by, and sometimes classified as, Dardic languages; but this is more of a geographical classification than a linguistic one.

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