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A word may 1^ said reganling the reference-s to literature tnaer Ced in the book. — The Phenomenon of Contraction 17 The Hiatolu Kirml Sinicture of the Muwie Fi^xr. When the nerve is stimulated at o the excitation set up passes along the nerve, and wherever it may be that portion of the nerve is thrown into an electronegative condi- tion.It is perfectly obvious that a complete or approximately complete bibliography is neither appropriate DOT useful, however agreeable it may be to give ever)' worker full recognition of the results of his labors. When this condition reaches a point at which it can influence the galvanometer — that is, when it reaches 6, it will diminish the difference in potential that exists between b and c, and therefore reduce the current* _l_ flowing from b to c.It is important that the student should p Mp this conception, Ijecause. — The Cootractility of Cilia and Their Geocral Propcr^iee. Frequently the phenomenon of the negative varia- tion is known also as the action the first place, it is true; and, in the wcond place, it may save him later from disappointment Aod distrust in science if he recognizes that many of our conclu- ijksoa are not the hnal truth, but provisional only, representing tht best that can be done with the knowledge at our conuuand To emphajsize this fact as well as to add somewhat to the interest of the reader short historical resume's have been introtiuced from time to thne, although the question of space a'one, not to men- taoa other considerations, has preventetl any extensive use of such QAterial. »ibilit,v and Eliuitirity of Muwular Tumup, 20.— The Inde- (^1 ' T 'ihility of Muscle, 123. The explanation given for this action current is that the nerve or muscle when excited takes on an electrical condition which is negative as regards any unexcited or less excited portion of the nerve.

Some knowledge of the gradual evolution of iur pment beliefs is useful in demonstniting the enduring value of ttperimental work as compared with mere theorizing, and also in engendering a certain appreciation and respect for knowledge (bit has been gained so slowly by the exertions of successive SBDerations of able investigators. The demarcation current in a nerve is led off to a galvanometer by electrodes placed at b and c.Cer- tainly the amount of work of a chemical character that bears di- rectly or indirectly on the problems of physiology has shown a re- markable increase within the last decade. The iininnn, CI, with ihcir m'(£: Lliv»» t move tow Tvnl the ano^ie; there the rhiorin act.-* u\xir\ tlie waler. It is obvious that ia qaanti Lative ji1udic8 of the electiical current.'^ of animal tissues polari- Ml Mfi will drtitrriy the accuracy of the results; the demarcation current «3l whom A dimtnution due no!Amid the confficting results of this literature it is difficult or impossible to follow always the true trend of development. to changes in the ncr\'c, but to phy.-sico- ^TTWH*^ changes at the Icading-of T electrodes. is well — onv end, which is to come into contact with the nerve — is filled, as by a plug of kaohn tnade into a stiflf putty with physiological saline - o C^a Cl (0.7 per cent.).only t-o physiolc d 80 much interest and importance to all branches of medicine. The negative variation in this case is equal to 10 mms., on the scale of the galvanometer used.With this itiea in mind the author kts ftodeavored to make the student reahze that physiolog}' is a flowing subject, continually widening its knowledge and rcad- justizig its theories. — The tieneral Properties of Cardiac Mtii»eular T^Mur* i». — The Ca E.\iic.\L Composition or Muscle and the Cheim- ICAL Changes of Contraction asv of Higor Mou Tift 61 T».- - of the N 77- — The Ner\'e Trunk an Anatciinical I'n Jt Onlv. It has been shown that this negative varia- tion is due to a current in the opposite direction whose strength, in the example given, relative to that of the demarcation current is as 10 to 50.

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