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These abbreviations and emoticons are also frequently used when people send messages on mobile phones.

Lauren says to draw out your words using soft whispers and sprinkle in a few playful sighs here and there while you’re talking.To keep our chat guide user-friendly for all ages, some inappropriate words have been edited to include an alternate meaning.These words are marked with * around the word which has been switched (e.g. To navigate this lengthy guide, you can scroll through the following list or go directly to a specific letter using the following links: The world's first text message was sent from a computer to a cellphone by British engineer, Neil Papworth on December 03, 1992.”Your partner will give their own clues as to whether or not you’re hitting the right buttons.You might find yourself following along with your partner’s imagination, or you might be taking the reins yourself.

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    If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. This is your new pet Goku READ BEFORE USING-try to punch him and he will dodge,in ssj its so quick you cant see it-press "i" to use instant transmition and change location-ki decreases as time passes, ki decrease rate increases when ssj-click yellow buuton to be ssj, click again to revert to base or click button above to turn ssj2 or ssj3-ssj increases ki-use senzu bean to heal ki-genkidama decreases your ki-training increases both your base and ssj ki-press c for goku to teleport to your pointer-you cant train again until you recover with a senzu bean-theres an accidental secret feature called potential unlock: press senzu bean and train buttons at same time while super saiyan 1, 2 or 3, then wait and go to base or turn ssj3-feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

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    The first Quakers lived in mid-17th-century England.

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