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Products bearing Halal label claims must be accompanied by an appropriate Halal certification or a written assurance from the exporter that an appropriate Halal certificate will be supplied to accompany that shipment before it reaches its destination.A Certificate of Islamic Slaughter is a certificate issued by a member of a Muslim organization recognized by the importing country to provide this service; the certificate states that animals were slaughtered according to Islamic religious requirements.Information Regarding Halal Certification The following is presented as information for the exporter.FSIS is not responsible for certifying that products intended for export to Muslim countries meet appropriate requirements for religious slaughter.Procedures for export certification do not include agency oversight of the Halal process or review of the authenticity of the Halal certificate.Islamic Slaughter Certification The exporter must obtain a Certificate of Islamic (Halal) Slaughter from a member of an Islamic Center or Islamic organization approved by the World Muslim League.

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Infants and children up to fifteen (15) years of age should provide a vaccination report for meningococcal and polio.e.

Children above fifteen (15) years of age should present the same vaccinations requested for adults.f.

Processed products with Halal claims should also be accompanied by an appropriate Halal certificate.

The certificate must be endorsed by the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce or by Saudi Arabia's Consul and must accompany all shipments.

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