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I may be generalizing but based on comments on my previous posts – it’s not limited to Bombay – it appears to be a nationwide epidemic !

Somewhere in between all of the above – of course there are people who actually manage to date and develop relationships.

These apps are classic choices for those interested in online dating, and many of them have been around since the pre-app age of online dating.

Even though everyone knows about these apps, they're still worth considering.

You can consider yourself dating / being in a relationship with someone if from the outset there is an emotional connection and physical attraction between two people.

You meet a perfect stranger and realize there’s this ‘chemistry’ or ‘unknown connection’ that draws you to them and you go out on a ‘date’ and that results in a ‘more dates’ and within a few ‘dates’ the two of you are in a relationship. Nothing to some – and a bit weird for someone like me.

is one of the oldest Mumbai online dating services on the Internet and has brought thousands of couples together from the area.I have never known any of my friends to get involved in relationships with each other – because if you are already ‘friends’ then its highly unlikely that two people from the same friends circle will ever get together. In India – at least in Bombay – it’s a bit different. I LIKE the idea of ‘not dating a friend’ because it allows me to get to know somebody outside my social circle. Of course that’s not true – there is a very small percentage (based on my network of friends, acquaintances & clients) of people who fall in the obvious grey matter. (in my world – there are no ‘friends’ with benefits – that’s just a polite way to associate someone you are hooking up with)This is the classic one that I’ve discovered. These tend to be guys & girls who would be considered a good catch to date – however they have a few unresolved issues within themselves.The local born and brought up guys and girls; men and women of Bombay - don’t quite seem to catch the drift of the concept of dating. It’s a nice I’ve met people – who have been friends for 5 years and have started dating perhaps a few years into the friendship; which in turn has resulted some relationships to last a few years (literally) and eventually ends in .. After 3 years of living in Bombay, this is how I can summarize the dating scene (or lack of) in the city.وإلي مشكلاته ، ومساندته مساندة نفسية متخصصة ، وغرس قيم تربوية أخلاقية لديه من خلال أساليب غير وعظية ، و اكسابه مهارات التفكير و الذكاء الاجتماعي والشعور بالمسئولية من خلال ورش عمل و أنشطة تدريبية ، و اكتشاف قدراته و توظيفها من خلال أعمال تنموية فردية و اجتماعية , وذلك علي التوازي مع رفع كفاءة وتفعيل الأخصائي النفسي بالمدرسة ، من خلال حصوله علي التدريب اللازم ثم مشاركته في اعمال البرنامج .-- Be Carefull in Islamic Discussions; Disrespect (of Ambiyaa, Sahabaa, Oliyaa, and Ulamaa) is an INSTANT BAN Abuse of any kind (to the Group, or it's Members) shall not be tolerated SPAM, Advertisement, and Adult messages are NOT allowed This is not Dating / Love Group, Sending PM's to members will be an illegal act.

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