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A red flag for some malicious activity on a security camera is slow or worse than normal performance."Many cameras have limited memory, and when attackers leverage the cameras, CPU cycles have to work extra hard, making regular camera operations almost or entirely unusable at times," said Lakhani.So once on the network, a hacker would typically have to do little else to take control of the cameras and potentially other Io T devices around the house.hacks, such as the recent instance involving the family in Houston, are the far more likely -- and scary -- scenario.Something as common as a data breach could put your login credentials in the wrong hands, and short of changing your password frequently, there's not much you could do to prevent it from happening.Ranging from the best free porn tubes to the greatest porn blogs and forums, My Porn Dir gets collected all the virus free most updated adult websites.Save time having all the new reliable top porn sites in one place: Myporn Dir gathers together amazing xxx websites covering all porn niches!While this would doubtless foil your plans for the perfect smart home, it would help prevent "land and expand," where an attacker gains access to one device and uses it to take control of other connected devices on the same network.Taking that one step further, you can use a virtual private network, or VPN, to further restrict which devices can access the network the security cameras are on.

And we were all reminded of how real the threat is last week when a Houston mother learned the security camera in her daughter's bedroom was being broadcast online.

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Even the dramatized version of a hacked smart home in a recent episode of the USA channel's "" sent a chill down my spine.

The mere thought of what havoc someone could wreak if they were ever in control of my thermostat, webcams, smart lights and other connected devices is horrifying. Ironic as it may be, , you would need to be in range of the wireless network the camera is connected to.

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