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As long as you have a 35mm and 70mm option, you can pretty easily get a normal perspective shot by simply stepping in our out, and you can always throw a small 50mm in your bag for next to no cost or weight penalty.I wouldn't say that they're behind the times, they have one of the best camera and lens sets in the world.When we first heard that Canon was going to release an updated version of the lens we were pretty darn excited.The Mark II was a fantastic piece of glass, but struggled in terms of corner sharpness and control of chromatic aberration along the edges and in the corners of the frame.The previous iteration of this lens had a number of issues that we will discuss in this review while we compare and contrast the two versions.The fundamental questions that we will be addressing in this review is; if the upgrade warrants the price increase and if the performance from the new design is convincing enough to justify the upgrade.This drops one lens from the bag, and reduces lens changes during fast paced moments.

Vignette is high but I'm doubtful of the 4.6 Ev figure quoted...based on RAW analysis using RAWdigger for 16mm f/2.8: Center region = 800 DNExtreme Corner = 75 DNVign = log(800/75)/log(2)Vign = 3.4 Ev (approx.)Regarding APSC, why does DPR insist on multiplying the maximum aperture 2.8 by 1.6 to say the equivalent aperture is f 4.5. The maximum aperture does not change when used on APSC. You divide the ACTUAL focal length by the diameter of the opening to obtain the F number. In actual fact the old 16 / 35, 2.8 lens performs very well on a crop camera because the outer part of the image circle is cropped off.

Compare this lens with the 16-35/4LIS using the data and tool in the review, and it shows that the latter lens still holds the edge in resolution across the focal range when both lenses are at f/4.

On the other hand, other reviews have said the new lens wide open is as sharp as the 16-35/4LIS. Yes, it looks Canon made substantial improvement over the previous version II (which is an outstanding lens).

Tamron's 15-30 is even larger and much closer to 16mm and f/3.5 - though it's still excellent.

Canon's 11-24 is huge and only f/4, but much wider.

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