Updating block in autocad

How can I restore the ctrl c back to the way it used to work? I searched the help files and from what I can tell the first advice should work.However the description/instructions given do not match the Tools--Windows behavior choices exactly (either WMO or the Aut CAD help files).This problem only happens occasionally, and it appears to be qutie random.i.e I can't find any connection to specific files/features/actions.These objects are stored in WMF (Windows metafile) format in the Clipboard.The information stored in the Clipboard can then be embedded in the other document.Updating the original drawing does not update the copy embedded in the other application.

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I want to find a solution that will force all update like normal)- changing the view orientation- hiding the part, and then showing it again 3.

The image below shows an example of a that is having this problem.

Note:- The new model is shown by the highlight-blue lines and dimensions.

I am now interested in adding macros to the file but I do not know how I should go about this, any help is appreciated.

According to LT help menu, the procedure is asfollows. Command line COPYCLIP ------------------------------------------------------When you want to use objects from an Auto CAD LT drawing file in another application, cut or copy these objects to the Clipboard and then paste them from the Clipboard into your file.

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