White pride dating sites

A favorite pastime of WPWW is joining other Kik groups and harassing their members.

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It led to some strange admixtures: At one point Pa changed his posting handle to "Ian Smith was #based." For the record, that made the administrator of the group an Irish teenager paying tribute to the prime minister of Rhodesia in language borrowed from a black Bay Area rapper.While the basic messages of white supremacy remain constant, the media by which they are delivered change with technology.From fabricated "firsthand" pamphlets (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion), to mass market paperbacks (The Turner Diaries), white supremacist messages migrated to ham radio, entered the digital era on bulletin board systems like the Liberty Bell Net, skipped over to Usenet groups and then made the jump to the World Wide Web on sites like Stormfront. And an instant delivery messaging app, one that is likely valued at billions of dollars, at that.But much more common were discussions about the relative racial purity of different white nations and the dissolution of white European culture. Right after Pa gave me access to WPWW, I found myself trying to follow a passionate argument about the effect of medieval Viking raids on Gaelic Ireland. "They wanted to destroy Christiandom here,they burnt kicked my moms family out of limerick and made an exclusion zone for Gaels outside its walls.Pa, who posts on Stormfront as Heathen Irish Gael, was trying to convince another poster, a Dutch girl named Matilda1488, that the Norsemen, much romanticized among white nationalists, had committed atrocities against his ancestors:"Well they burnt my country to the groun,sacked the church,burnt MY village to the ground,sacked my family."Matilda1488, whose profile picture looked suspiciously like a Tinder bot, responded that, basically, Vikings will be Vikings: "No other occupation was available to them. My village still bares the destruction of the Danes."Pa posted a picture of ruins, set against a blue sky. Losing a female contributor wasn't good — later on Pa would joke, "1 girl wanted. As one frequent poster reasoned, she was hot, but she wasn't "Eva Braun tier."Anyways, these kinds of arguments were rare, and only happened when white-on-white violence tugged at the seams of the group's ideology.

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