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The head lacks the occipital bone, and the two parietal bones are long and narrow, diverging towards the base of the skull, making the head flat on top. The mouth is very large, the tongue long, and the nose reaches from the top of the forehead to within half an inch of the upper lip. Since its birth it has changed somewhat in appearance. Hard of Ottawa, Ill., reports the following case: A German woman was delivered of a very large female child, weighing fourteen and a half pounds.The brain is atrophied, and is exposed at the cerebellum [a probable case of anencephaly and/or spina bifida? The color of the head has changed from a black to a copper color; the face has become more rounded: it has also become wrinkled. The body was well formed and perfect but the head was almost the exact counterpart of a bull pup, and was the most hideous monstrosity I ever saw.There was no back part to the head; or rather, no bones, but a simple sac containing a soft, semi-fluid mass [a probable case of anencephaly and/or spina bifida? Taking the whole face together, the resemblance to a dog was most striking, and was at once remarked upon by all present, some of whom were anxious that I should dispatch it at once, but I allayed their fears by assuring them that the child would not live. The relevant passage is an excerpt from the comments of one of the participants, one Dr.It did live four hours, giving out faint moans from time to time. Dickinson, who gives a description of a supposed dog-headed child born in Georgia.

Many traditions exist, too, about women engaging in coitus with dogs. And when he came forth, Mallika asked why he had been transgressing there with a she-goat.Thus, in the Dhammapada (Verse 151), the Buddha utters the following about Queen Mallika, wife of King Prasenajit (Bullough 1976): One day, Queen Mallika went in to bathe, and her pet dog came with her. He denied it, but she insisted she had seen him with her own eyes.And as she was bending to cleanse her feet, he mounted her, and she was not displeased. The king was baffled, but gullible as he was, he agreed that that chamber was most peculiar indeed.In Mesopotamia, the Sumerians revered the goddess Bau, who, under the name of Nininsina, was long represented with a dog’s head.And in some parts of the world, such beliefs linger even today. ” The queen replied that she was only bathing, and therefore had transgressed not. To those looking in from the window, anyone alone there seems two.

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