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The budgets are simply not there to dedicate full-time resources to security.

This Data Is Dynamic And Constantly Updating We Can Protect You Better, Because We Know The Good From The Bad, And Anything Unknown Is Automatically Put Into A Container So You Can Use It Safely On Your Endpoint While We Analyze It In Real Time. Nobody Else Comes Close Comodo's Unique Default Deny Approach Runs Unknown Files Safely In Containment So You Have Access Your Data And Your Applications While The Potential Malware Is Being Analyzed.This ensures data privacy, but also performance and usability because you can continue working with your data and apps safely while the analysis is done in real time.Small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) can be at greater risk for cybercrime because they generally don't employ people who are tasked with protecting them against hackers.Apps that transmit sensitive data should enable SSL to ensure all information is transmitted securely.To enable SSL on a custom domain, for example, Purchasing an SSL certificate varies in cost and process depending on the vendor.

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