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At one point, there was even some chatter that she’d do so on New Year’s Eve.She is currently the second-longest serving monarch in Danish history, having been on the throne since January 1972.Prince William's cousin, who turned 28 years old today, first met Clark in 2006 at a party thrown by actor Pierce Brosnan's son, Sean Brosnan, where William introduced the two.

She also wore a matching pair of diamond and ruby earrings, which are part of a set.

Rather than wearing the Order of the Elephant on a sash, as is typical, she wore Denmark’s highest honor on a long chain — made of of elephant-shaped links — across her shoulders, with a pendant at the center.

Her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, also wore the Order of the Elephant on the same chain over his formal military uniform, which included a tall feathered hat.

, Diana's first fell for her married bodyguard in 1985, but palace rumors led to his dismissal a year later.

Mannakee tragically died in a 1987 motorcycle accident, and the Princess suspected foul play.

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